So you want to join?

 We don't let just any one join. If you live in the the great stat of Georgia and love all thing about the Honda prelude and can be a helpful and productive member.if you wish to join and fit these few requirements and can follow the rules below then click here and register then post in the New member Section and tell us a little about your self and say you saw the Georgia Prelude Club site and was thinking of joining.

Rules For Meets

1) No Drinking and Driving or other illegal substance abuse.
We will be on the streets with other families and people.
If you feel like you need to booze it up or snort a line,
STAY HOME or justice will ensue.

2) Obey All Street Laws. No illegal street activities. Remember,
we are not the only people on the streets.

3) No Drama. If you have a problem with a member, talk it over
with one of the leaders. We will discuss a way to solve any
issues. Presidents have final decision on any dispute, confrontation
or disagreement between club members. Violation of rules and regulations
is subject to probation or dismissal of membership as deemed by president/vice president.

4) Keep it clean. Use your best judgment on this.
If there are children present, keep it to a G rating.
Also keep in mind some people may not have the same
sense of humor as the rest. So maintain a PG-13 at all times.

5) Be respectful of other people and their property. We all have spent
lots of time energy and money on our cars, and don't want anything
to happen.

6) If we have a public meet, act like adults. It is the stereotyping of
import owners we don't want to act like. Respect the venue we are
located. With that in mind, if it was your house, would you want it trashed?

7) GPC does not condone physical fighting in any manor. Members who do get in a
physical fight, at a club event or with another member, will suffer immediate probation
and possible termination. These members will have to justify their actions before the
founders, at which point the founders will determine the consequences of their actions.

8) If attending shows, if club participation is going to be awarded, then you will be required
to register your car under GPC (Georgia Prelude Club). If we have the honor of winning,
by having the most members present at the show. The President, or Co-president (who ever
is on site) will accept the trophy or award on the clubs behalf. If it is a cash reward, the funds
can be split evenly among attending members, or donated to the cost of swag (Stickers, t-shirts
key chains, web costs) or put towards a nice dinner after the show.

9) Be respectful. If there is another club around, do not try to act like we are better than them. We
are all car lovers, and they are to. Give and get come into play here. If you act like we are better
they will not have anything nice to say to us or about us after the event is over. Remember this,
bad news travels fast. If you want to have a positive rep, put out a positive vibe. It is better to
be remembered as a group that is not high and mighty. Feel free to interact with other clubs and
groups. This is by far the best way to become known, and respected. Remember your
actions reflect on the club. When at an activity, or in daily transit, PLEASE represent the club and
yourself in a respectful manner.

10) GPC can not or will not be held responsible for any club member’s action in or outside club activities.
The individual member will be accountable for his/her own actions. Don't do the crime, if you can't do
the time.

11) While attending meets, it is acceptable to bring a friend if they don't have a Lude but they are YOUR responsibility. Any misconduct they do is directly reflected on you, so if you bring someone, make sure they understand the rules set forth and follow them. If they are present, they are expected to do so. Failure to comply may result in the both of you being asked to leave.