Si Speed (E, Co-President)

I got the car May 12, 2007. I had to drive 7 hours to get it. As some of you know, I had a black 4th gen at the time, so since the deal was so good, I knew it wouldn't be on the market long so I told my dad if he bought this car for me, I'd give him my 4th gen. Well, he agreed, so no money issues there. Since then, I haven't poured a lot of money into it yet. Most everything I've done has been custom work so it has a very person touch to it. She has a bright looking future and I plan to drive "Christine" until she is totaled or parts just aren't made for her anymore. We're approaching our 1 year anniversary so I'm hoping to get her something really nice

JayKnight (Jeremy, Co-President)

Later !!!

John (94ludeguy)

I got her in August of 07' after selling my 3rd gen. Factory paint job, i was pretty much the second owner. I bought her from a girl who was the 3rd owner but only had it for 3 months but didnt like how low it was. Her loss is my gain. Well here she is.

Rolland (Rolland)

My Prelude is a 1991, 2.0 Si, with 2WS. I purchased it in March of '08, so I'm just getting started on modding it. The engine is mostly stock, but I'm working on changing that!

David (yogi_pahl)

This was my 01 that i got in late 2007. Unfortunately I don't have her any more b/c of a Crappy car company and a deer. I hope to been in another 01 EBP by the end of the summer.





damage h22a (???)